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Based in Redlands, California, Padgett’s Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., has offered high-quality and affordable structural restoration, contents inventory, and salvage services since 1970. The family-owned and -operated firm serves the needs of clients who have sustained significant water, fire, or mold damage on their property. Experienced Padgett’s Cleaning and Restoration professionals undertake expedited inventory and pack-out of salvageable contents, with state-of-the-art processing and restoration performed at a separate warehouse facility. 

Water leakage due to a broken pipe, a roof leak, or a faulty water supply line is one of the common causes of structural and contents damage, and frequently requires immediate assistance. Padgett’s Cleaning and Restoration maintains state-of-the-art equipment for restoring water-damaged structures, utilizing dehumidification and extraction techniques. The company can also leave drying equipment on the affected premises as required. In-house drying and ozone-treatment rooms are utilized to bring salvageable items back to optimal condition. In situations where mold has taken root, the firm provides referral services to area specialists who can complete the necessary comprehensive hygiene testing. 

Padgett’s Cleaning and Restoration handles all damaged items with the utmost care, realizing that even those pieces with marginal monetary value may have high sentimental value. The company works with clients and insurance companies to restore as many salvageable items to top condition as possible. The firm’s Redland warehouse facilities are equipped with 24-hour police response video surveillance, with an around-the-clock dispatch service providing one-hour response in cases of emergency. To learn more about Padgett’s Cleaning and Restoration’s advanced salvage and restoration technologies, please visit